Cowboy Style Tips

Cowboy-style clothing is often underestimated because it is quite eccentric and not all men dare to wear it. However, at this time western-themed clothes began to re-glance and become trendy items. Proven by well-known brands such as Calvin Klein, Givenchy, to Vetements with the theme of a cowboy for the fashion show. You can visit our website and find various exotic cowboy boots. This time, cowboy-style clothing comes with a more applicative and simpler design. Men can follow a trend that is identical to the American herdsman by wearing the following clothes.

1. Flannel shirt
The first outfit that is synonymous with cowboy style is the flannel shirt. Of course, the model of the fringe shirt or detailed yoke is closely related to the cowboy style, but the flannel shirt has a simpler design. When wearing a flannel shirt, do not unbutton it with the aim of showing an inner shirt. Remember the style that is being applied is western, not grunge. Try to put the shirt in the pants and make sure the bottom is a little longer than usual. That way the shirt will not be easily pulled out when it is worn.

2. Borg-model jacket
The easiest way to give a cowboy statement to your appearance is to use a jacket. There are a number of choices, but the most flexible model to wear at any time is the borg jacket. Usually, this jacket uses denim or corduroy which is closely related to cowboys. Wool details on the collar can also replace the fringe on the suede jacket which is also identical to the cowboy style. For color choices, try looking for the jacket with darker tones or washed models that further strengthen the western style on appearance.

3. Cowboy boots
Compared to earlier ‘safer’ clothing models, this time there are cowboy boots that can be an option for footwear. Previously mentioned Calvin Klein is one of the brands that helped popularize the cowboy trend. The boots presented earlier this year by the brand were even categorized as “It Shoes” and made them a must-have item. Men do not need to choose a model of cowboy boots that can reach a calf-length. Try using the ankle model as an ‘exercise’ to become more accustomed to wearing these eccentric shoes.

4. Tricks when wearing a cowboy hat
Looking for items that are definitely instantly reminiscent of cowboy style? The answer is definitely cowboy hats. However, keep in mind that this accessory is a little tricky to apply. Usually, not all men categorize themselves as hat guys. In addition, cowboy hats can easily attract the attention of others. The key to wearing this hat is to look for a brim that isn’t too wide and has a neutral color. That way you can easily blend in with other clothes and become a cool accessory when you use it.