How to Wear Cowboy Boots for Men

Cowboy-style boots tend to fade and become popular again in a short time. However, if you like it. You can wear them regardless of whether the shoes are popular or not. Wearing good exotic cowboy boots is done by harmonizing the look of “Western-style” and cool clothes.

Wear boots that are more decorative in jeans. An example is Tall Buckaroo Shoes, which have elaborate decorations, so that these elaborate-looking decorations can stand out – you have to insert the bottom of the jeans into the boots. Wearing jeans that are put into boots can’t be done if you are going to an interview or restaurant, so it’s best to wear it on a casual occasion or one that requires a Western-style look.

Wear boots everyday with jeans. In general, cowboy boots are the best choice for jeans, unless you work on a farm and need tall boots. Cowboy boots have a distinctive front, so even if the top of the boots isn’t visible, you still have a touch of “Western charm” to your clothes.

Make sure your pants are long enough. The pants must be quite long and touch the ankles, but not until they touch the floor. Pants that don’t touch the ankles are considered too short. Most cowboy boots have high heels when compared to standard shoes, thus, the standard jeans you have may not be long enough when combined with these shoes. Look for jeans that are piled up. This is actually a matter of choice, but looks are a bit “rough” and this style is usually liked by many men.

Choose straight-cut or Bell-bottoms jeans. Straight jeans are evenly distributed throughout the entire length of the leg, while most Bell-bottoms jeans have a widened bottom. Both types of jeans provide more than enough space for your boots.

Use classic style jeans. Medium and dark shades of jeans are usually considered the most versatile to wear with cowboy boots, but brown, black or beige jeans can also match as long as the color gradation is similar to your shoes. Jeans with shades of light blue have a tendency to look old-fashioned, and unusual colors like green and white should be avoided.

Wear a pair of khaki pants with polished boots. If you have a pair of dressier cowboy boots, you can wear casual khaki pants. This look will look very classy if your shoes have been polished to shine. Try khaki tan or straw-colored pants with traditional brown boots, tan, or cognac. For gray or olive pants, choose black cherry boots

Do not exaggerate. You are not required to wear a large cowboy hat and a checkered shirt when wearing cowboy boots, although such a suit will give a cool appearance when worn together. Sometimes, appearing excessive will actually make you like wearing a costume instead of creating a cool everyday style of dress. If you want to wear a cowboy hat, make sure you are comfortable wearing it without regard for other people’s opinions.