Understanding of Cowboy Boots

One type of shoe that is often used by men is boots. The most popular one is cowboy boots. Cowboy boots are one of the models that bear the name, you will look like a cowboy when using these boots. The height of these boots is at least about the calf, not strappy and has a heel of around 2 inches. Even though it’s called a cowboy boots, we don’t need to ride a horse to be able to use these boots. Just mix it with a boot cut jeans, sporty shirt, and jacket so you will look like a cowboy. If you want to see a lot of exotic cowboy boots options, you can visit our website.

In the world of fashion itself, boots began to stick up around the 19th century. In those days various models of boots had emerged with functions as hiking boots, riding boots, rain boots and so forth.

And most of these boots are intended for women. In 1913, Denis Poiret, the wife of French fashion designer Paul Poiret, made a scene in Paris and New York because he wore knee-high boots made of Moroccan leather. The boots were designed by her own husband and made by Bottier Favereau with short heels and square feet. And from then on, boots were really famous in the fashion world around the 1960s-1970s.

Usually, boots made of leather or leather suede which really need special attention in terms of care. The thing to do in caring for bots shoes is cleaning with a special cleaner. Choose cleaners that are intended for foam cleanser boots. Spray foam cleanser to all parts of the shoe then brushes with a special brush. Brush in one direction then waits for 10 minutes to dry. Let stand, and never use a special dryer or in the sun directly in front of the sun. Simply dried at room temperature. The second thing to do, after the shoes are dry, spray protector is the final step. Keep in mind when spraying this liquid spray protector the shoes don’t need to be brushed. Only sprayed it on all parts of the shoe.

The last thing you can do is keep your shoes in a shoebox that is first given silica gel. Why is Silica Gel so important? The reason is that silica gel absorbs the moisture of the shoe and keeps it dry, making it free of mold. Besides keeping the boots durable, keeping them in a box keeps your shoes neat and organized.